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Vashon Tea Shop
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Tea Implements

Vashon Tea Shop

Vashon Tea Shop also carries an eclectic mix of styles in the various implements that are used by tea lovers to enhance their tea experience. We carry individual teapots and tea sets. Some are reminiscent of Pacific Northwestern hand thrown pottery; others have an Asian air with dragonfly motifs and other Asian images. English designs are reflected in the flowered motifs. Modern design finds expression in round, white teapots by Bee House and clear glass teapots. Research shows that the handle on the side of the teapot so familiar to us originated with the English who were inspired their "posset cups", a cup that held heated milk and wine or other spirits.

Since some people are only interested in cups, The Vashon Tea Shop carries a similar mix of styles in the selection of tea cups available for customers. People used tea cups before teapots came into use around 1500. The Chinese originally crumbled their tea bricks into kettles of water that they then boiled. It was in the Ming Dynasty that they began to pour hot water directly onto loose tea leaves in tiny cups without handles. The use of the word teacup did not become common until well into the 19th century. Until then, people referred to a "tea dish". The Vashon Tea Shop carries teacups with and without handles with motifs from all over the world. There are deep blue cups decorated with dragonflies. We have red or black cups with fiery dragons on them. Many styles have lids that keep the tea warm and provide a place on which to rest a dripping tea infuser. Some have removable porcelain or metal infuser baskets inside the cup.

Today's modern world requires a mobility that the slower times of the past did not need. We have insulated glasses and traveling tea or coffee thermoses with covers for those on the go. There are many other items of interest in the shop for the casual visitor or tourist.

If you want to order any of our products don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone